What is VA Today?

VA Today stands for Virtual Assistants Today. We provide professional virtual help for everyone that needs extra help. We assign you a bilingual, college-educated Virtual Assistant (VA) to take care of your personal and business tasks. We are an alternative to hiring employees, instead you outsource the job to a VA. Let us save, protect and multiply your time!

What are the benefits of using VA Today? 

The best thing about subscribing to VA Today is that you get instant support from a highly skilled individual, but only when needed. The cost of hiring someone on staff is much higher than a virtual assistant. Also, using a VA cuts down on your overhead as well as any employee benefits, taxes, and insurance you would normally be responsible for. With VA Today, you pay only for the time we spend working on your project or tasks.

What is the Virtual Assistants’ education level?

Your VA is a college graduate and has different backgrounds such as marketing, business, public relations, etc.

How do I communicate with my VA?

Your VA can be contacted via phone, email, google hangouts, or skype.

Do the VA’s have good communication skills?

Our VA’s are part of a very diverse team. When you subscribe to our service you will be asked the skills you require your VA to have. This way we can find a great match for you. Most of our VA’s have experience in sales, social media management, etc.

Can the VA’s do personal errands like running to the store and buy something for me?

Unfortunately no. Our assistants perform their jobs online, they are not located in the same area where you are. However they can reply emails, schedule appointments and manage your calendars among other stuff.

Can they make phone calls within the US?

Yes, calls are included according to each plan.

What happens if I exceed my phone call minutes?

Every extra minute has a charge of 10 cents.

How do you track time?

We use a time tracking app called Pastel.io. When you subscribe to our service you will be sent an invitation to access and some easy steps to start tracking the time used by your VA on your tasks.

What happens if I go over my hours included in my plan?

You will be billed $15 / hour for every hour that you go over your plan hour limit.

Is there a contract?

No. We work on a subscription system, once you subscribe, you will be billed monthly in advance. There is no cancellation fee or penalty of any kind. Once you cancel, you will not be billed any more.

Do I have to stick to my plan?

No. You may upgrade or downgrade your plan as many times you want on different months. We understand that your workload may differ from one month to another.

How do you manage private information?

We do an extensive background check on our VA’s before hiring them to make sure all of them are trustworthy.

Do the assistants work on night shifts and / or weekends?

We offer night shift and weekend service for an additional cost, as well as custom plans. Please contact one of our agents to get more information.

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