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“Lack of time is usually a lack of priorities.”

- Tim Ferriss, author of the “4-hour work week”

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At virtual Assistants Today we can help you:


Think of what you could achieve in a month if you weren’t constantly distracted by mundane tasks. We are experts at keeping those distractions at bay.

  • Manage your email and calendar
  • Be on hold for calls to customer service
  • Intercept phone calls on your behalf
  • Prioritize and Book appointments
  • Keep subscriptions current
  • Follow up on clients


Are you dreading performing tasks that can easily be done by someone else? We can help!

  • Create reports reports and presentations
  • Enter data and Manage databases
  • Make  your travel arrangements
  • Perform online research
  • Plan parties and events
  • Purchase items online

multiply YOUR TIME

Think of us as your extra pair of hands. We can help you reach your goals faster!

  • Manage your social media presence
  • Recruit and Onboard new staff members
  • Write and proofread your documents
  • Manage internal communications
  • Provide content for your blog
  • Provide customer care
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other services

sales Assistants

Need help boosting sales? Our Sales Assistants will become subject matter experts in your product/service and provide customer service. The assistants have strong client-facing, commercial, communication and problem solving skills. Let them submit leads, manage bids and delight your customer by delivering useful in-depth information as well as answering inquiries about the product.

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Airbnb Rental Management

We are experts at managing reservations, communicating with clients, and handling sales and payments. We’ll schedule inspections and cleaning times. We can also provide financial administration and reports while managing your inbox. Let us write, post and update listing information for you.

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Property management

Forget about finding and screening tenants, handling leases, complaints and managing evictions. We can schedule maintenance, repairs, unit inspections for you. Let us manage your property finances such as setting and collecting rent, managing budget and creating reports. Choose our one stop solution, learn about our plans and pricing, today!

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